Become a MyBeadBox Partner

MyBeadBox was created with the aim to collaborate and partner with other organizations and bead creators. Here are a number of ways we can work together:

Put your designed or branded beads in a box:

MyBeadBox is accepting beads from brands and organizations that are interested to wrap their beads in a new feel good product. 

We are especially interested to incorporate a line of beads that is fully recycled to help the sustainability development goals of our planet. 

If you have a line of beads you'd like to incorporate into MyBeadBox, please contact us at: 

MyBeadBox for brand exposure:

MyBeadBox can be customized for brands and organizations. You may choose to customize a box with beads in your brand colors or create branded beads. The bead boxes may be used as a giveway at events or as branded merchandise.

Get in touch:

If you'd like to use MyBeadBox to elevate your brand, please contact us at: