Partner with us

MyBeadBox was created with the aim to collaborate and partner with ambassadors, organizations and bead creators. Here are a number of ways we can work together:


Is your social presence phenomenal? Do you love accessorizing with necklaces? Than being an ambassador is definitely for you. Mix your passion for accessorizing with your passion for social media, and get free products from MyBeadBox. Check out all the details on the Ambassador Program page. 


MyBeadBox can be customized for organizations, events and special occasions. Whatever the cause, we will work together to find the perfect color pallet of beads, for example: shades of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, shades of green and recycled beads for Climate Change/Global Warming awareness, etc.

The boxes may be used as a giveway at events, as branded merchandise, or sold online. 

Bead Creators: 

MyBeadBox collaborates with bead creators that hand craft specialty beads.

We are actively seeking to incorporate a line of beads that is fully recycled to help the sustainability development goals of our planet. 

Get in touch:

If you have a line of beads you'd like to incorporate into MyBeadBox or if you would like to partner with MyBeadBox to enhance your brand, please contact us at: