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About MyBeadBox

MyBeadBox was created for the busy woman who wants to add a splash of color to her every day wardrobe with minimal effort and maximum style. It is meant to be something easy and fun anyone can do in just a few seconds.

The basic model of MyBeadBox is a box with a selection of beads and necklaces. The beads easily slide on and off the necklaces and can be mixed and matched as you desire. 

MyBeadBox strives to incorporate handcrafted and customized beads in each box and welcomes beads from artists and creators. Most recently, MyBeadBox partnered with Mamapendo, a handcrafted jewelry brand made by women from the Umoja tribe of Uganda.

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How MyBeadBox started:

The idea of MyBeadBox came to life after years of working in the corporate world and simultaneously building my family, I found myself a busy mom who hardly had time for herself. I craved a practical way to upgrade my look every day going into the office with minimal effort and maximum results.

I remember seeing beaded necklaces in stores and liking the way they looked, but each one seemed so unique in its color and style and wouldn't go with all my wardrobe. That's when I had the epiphany of creating a box of beads in which the beads can be exchanged according to what I'm wearing that same day.

I started creating boxes with beads and necklaces with the aim to give women a feel good product that allows them to spice up their look in seconds and walk out of their home feeling elevated. 

Libby Alpert, Founder

Libby Alpert




MyBeadBox for the greater good...

MyBeadBox is on a mission to spread the good and is aiming to do so in a few ways:

  • We promote the integration of people with disabilities into mainstream employment and aim to include them in the assembly of boxes.
  • We are on a quest to find beads created by cultures world wide and are open to receiving such offers.
  • We are interested in creating a line of beads that is fully recycled and are seeking such collaborations.

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MyBeadBox for Remote Work and Work-Life Balance

MyBeadBox is an avid advocate of remote work to allow people to have a proper work-life balance. We believe that people should practice self care, whatever that is for them, and therefore should be responsible for their own time. As long as the work is getting done, it doesn't matter at what time or where it is getting done.