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How I launched my business without a logo?

By Libby Alpert

Many people have ideas in their heads for months and years at a time. And it's very easy to get stuck on the small details and excuses that keep us from moving forward with our ideas.

I wanted to share with you a bit of my recent experience in an effort to inspire others who are at the beginning phase of their business or even just thinking about their idea and may be overwhelmed by all the tasks they have to do. This article is here to remind you not to let the small things stop you.

When I started my business, I was a one-woman show and was busy juggling multiple tasks. I was busy putting up my website, ordering inventory, updating my social channels, designing my own posts, doing my own writing, figuring out technicalities in Google Analytics, setting up my Shopify site, SEO issues, and more. All this while experiencing a little self-doubt here and there. I made an “executive” decision not to get stuck, not to let tasks or people stop me. I also relied on a lot of friends and contacts to help with what they could. I needed to reduce expenses and they were there for me. Some proofread my content, others reviewed my site, while online communities participated in a product survey, etc. 

One thing I knew was of high importance was having a logo for brand recognition. But I didn't have the budget to spend on a designer nor did I want to spend a lot of time creating it. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. I needed some sort of “logo” to put as a placeholder, so I went to Canva to create one. My Instagram was logo-free for months, I focused solely on the story. Later, I decided to change my domain, so once again I went to Canva to make the changes. 

When it came time to create my logo, I turned to my talented sister-in-law Einat Alpert for some assistance. She had just given birth and I had to wait patiently for my design. This is how my logo evolved and eventually finalized:


For people that are starting their own business, idea or project I urge you, as Marie Forleo would say, “focus on progress, not perfection”. Keep things moving, keep the momentum going, know where you are going, know that not all your ducks will be lined up in a row and that’s ok. 

As long as you have a vision and you stick to it, things will fall into place.