MyBeadBox Articles contains lifestyle and styling tips and hacks

MyBeadBox is an idea that sparked as a practical idea that adds a bit of flair without a lot of hassle to your everyday look.  Some may say it's a solution to a problem. As a normal juggling mompreneur, I've overcome challenges while building my own business and would like to share some of my insights.  I'll use this space to share practical ideas, life hacks and suggestions that I feel can be beneficial to us all, alongside styling tips related to the actual product. 

  • Do stripes and stripes go together?

    I noticed a few women in my circles wearing MyBeadBox necklaces mixing the black and white striped beads while wearing a striped shirt. So I gathered a few styling tips on the matter.
  • Make lists, Not War

    by Libby Alpert MyBeadBox was an idea that sparked as a practical solution to the everyday challenge of getting out of the door while looking decen...
  • Keeping your morale and routine up in complicated times

    During these complicated times, while we're forced to sit at home and either work remotely or take care of our families, it is very difficult to get up in the morning and get dressed. Some say this is the ultimate situation while others claim it is disastrous.